Frequently asked questions


Questions you may have about N&HNYMC

Northamptonshire and Huntingdonshire New and Young Masons Club has been created to provide a forum to help new Masons to meet, enjoy social events together, share ideas and contribute towards the future of our fraternity.

Who are eligible for membership?

Every Mason, from the minute they are initiated until they receive Provincial honours, including Masters and Past Masters of lodges.

N&HNYMC Light Blues events include Motorbike tours

Why do we need this club isn’t the LOI enough?

The LOI should be about Masonic Education, instruction in symbolism and meaning of our masonic rituals, protocols and best practice.

The NYMC will assist in building networks and friendships through social activities of like-minded men.

New and Young bring fresh ideas and encourages participation.

Established members have wide friendship groups. They can be members of many lodges or side orders which are steeped in the traditions and formalities of bygone years.

For new members, building new friendships and networks can happen slowly, families can feel isolated and left behind by our masonic activities. New and Young Masons may also feel isolated in Lodges with few new or younger members.

Do the Provinces have these clubs or is it just Northants and Hunts?

Yes they do:

  • London / Metropolitan have the Connaught Club for under 35’s
  • Leicester have a Light Blues Club
  • Hertfordshire Fleet House Light Blues Club
  • Bedfordshire New and Young Masons

    And many more across the country.

    Activities mostly take place away from the Masonic premises. Activities are not necessarily masonic in nature. 50% or more of activities include wife’s, partners and friends interested in joining. 25% or more of activities include families.

    Is there a cost?

    Yes, there's an one-off membership fee of £5. No raffles, no collections or charity events. You may wish to partake in Social Support activities such as Three Pillars Support or / and a community litter pick, but no fundraising is expected.