NHNYMC Committee

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The NHNYMC Committee

Member details are listed in the table below

Member Titles Member Names
Chairman Chairman@nhnymc.co.uk WBro Milan Crooks
Vice Chairman ViceChairman@nhnymc.co.uk Bro Reuben Freeman
Secretary membership@nhnymc.co.uk WBro Alex Thurlow
Treasurer Treasurer@nhnymc.co.uk Bro Bryan Walters
Events Officer Events@nhnymc.co.uk Bro Thomas Campbell
Comms Officer Comms@nhnymc.co.uk Bro James Prince
Patron Patron@nhnymc.co.uk RWBro Max Bayes PGM
President President@nhnymc.co.uk WBro Mark Constant APGM
Vice President VicePresident@nhnymc.co.uk WBro Duncan Childs ProvGMen
NHNYMC Light Blues sports events include pool