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Boot Town ber Festival Freemasons' Hall

Ceres Lodge are pleased to host a presentation by W.Bro Ian Nelson

“Information Evening” - Samuel Pepys Lodge - 26th March 2020

Brethren All

Samuel Pepys Lodge will host an Information Evening for the Huntingdon Centre on Thursday 26th March 2020. The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, VW Bro Charles Bennett, will be attending the evening in an official capacity.

The format is outlined below. These Information Evenings are intended to complement the Initiates’ Suppers. It is an opportunity for members of the NYMC to bring along gentlemen that have or might have an interest in Freemasonry so they can find out a little more in a very enjoyable environment. Additionally, it might be of interest to those who are committed to joining but are yet to be initiated.

  • The Lodge will open as normal and conduct business quickly and efficiently (no more than 30 mins)
  • While the Lodge conducts its business the prospective members would be looked after outside
  • The gentlemen will be invited into the Lodge and take their seat with their hosts
  • The presentation will be divided into 3 sections: A brief history of Freemasonry; Why gentlemen become Freemasons & Three Freemasons explaining what they enjoy and get from Freemasonry (no more than 5 minutes for each one)
  • Questions and Answers

Afterwards the gentlemen will be invited to attend the Festive Board and allow them to gain an experience of the whole evening.