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Chairman's letter

PGAlmoner's Brother 2 Brother scheme

Hunts Light Blues Curry Evening

Very pleased to announce that the "Hunts Light Blues" have held their first get together and also in attendance were 2 special guests in W. Bro John Clarke and W. Bro Steve Barrett. They met up for a Curry at the newly opened Olive restaurant in St Neots and can report that it was a very good evening and fantastic food.

Going clockwise on the photo from front left we have Bro Reece Pitts (Socrates), W. Bro. John Clarke (Euston), Bro. Matt Mowbray (Euston), Bro James Bundy (Euston), Bro Thomas Campbell (Old Kimboltonians), Bro Chris Eddy (Toseland), W. Bro Steve Barrett (Euston), W. Bro Mick Marks (Euston) and Bro Henry Duggan-Ralph (Euston).

Hunts Curry night at Olive restaurant in St Neots

Peterborough Light Blue 10 Pin Bowling Tournament

Thirty players made up of the friends, family and brethren of four lodges attended the first light blue bowling tournament at Holywood Bowl on Saturday 30 November 2019. Players were vying for trophies awarded for best lodge, player and team. 

the first light blue 
    bowling tournament at Holywood Bowl

Secretary of the Peterborough Light Blue Club, Bro Roy Stockbridge said “planning of the event was key to its success and we look to arrange an opportunity to win the prizes back nextyear”.

Best Lodge Award

Peterborough & Counties Lodge fought of stiff competition from the brethren of St Peter’s, Vale of Nene and Fitzwilliam Lodges scoring 125 to win the Best Lodge award. WBro Neil Mitchell, following his challenge to other lodges awarded the trophy to WBro Andy Henry.

Best Lodge Award

Peterborough & Counties 125
Vale of Nene 106
Fitzwilliam 103
St Peters 94

Highest Individual Score

Highest Individual Score

Peterborough Light Blue Chairman, WBro Steve Winterton awarded WBro Justin Beaumont of Fitzwilliam Lodge the prize for the highest individual score.

Justin Beaumont 167
Simon Morris 142
Vince Tindale 139
Andy Henry 125
Phil Scrannage 120
Kevin Gilbert 115
Neil Mitchell 115
Kanesh Mashru 112
Duncan Jolly 108
Michelle Scrannage 103
Best Team

Team Scrannage fought off competition from teams Mashru & Tindale accepting the trophy for best team from WBro Steve Winterton.

Scrannage 112
Mashru 102
Tindale 100

Best Team-Team Scrannage

Worst Score

Bro Derven Moore accepted the prize for worst score graciously.

Worst Score-Bro Derven Moore

Roman Light Blues (Southwest)

On Saturday 30th November the Roman Light Blues (Southwest) visited Nobby's Brewery at Thrapston. Nobby (Paul Mulliner) is a Light Blue himself and is brewing a Festival Ale from which part of the proceeds of sales across the Province are being donated to the MCF 2024 Festival. 

Roman Light Blues (Southwest) visited Nobby's Brewery

Roman Light Blues (Southwest)seen here in Nobby's Brewery at Thrapston

Roman Light Blues seen here in Nobby's Brewery

Roman Light Blues in Nobby's Brewery

The event was attended by members from the Roman Light Blue Club and also very pleasing was that there were also some guests from Northampton Light Blue Club supporting.

Roman Light Bluesseen here in Nobby's Brewery at Thrapston

Stamford Light Blues

The Stamford Light Blues Club met at Bombay Cottage, Stamford on Friday 29th November, 2019. They enjoyed a lovely evening.

Stamford Light Blues seen here

Stamford Light Blues

A Daventry Light Blues committeeStamford Light Blues

Stamford Light Blues seen here

Top right picture from left, Tim Russ, Mark Wibberley, Shirley and Lyn Howells and James Russ, a prospective candidate & Robin Hainsworth top photo.

The Steel Acacias

Corby Light Blues (Steel Acacias) held a Pool night at St James Snooker Club in Corby. Once again a very successful evening and great fun was had by all.

A Daventry Steel Acasias

A Daventry Steel Acasias evening seen here

Daventry Light Blues Club

Following a Light Blues information evening in Daventry, we are delighted to announce that a Daventry Light Blues committee has been formed and all contact details updated on the site. The team are full of enthusiasm and very much looking forward to holding their first Light Blues event. Keep an eye on the events pages for further information.

A Daventry Light Blues committee has been formed and are seen here

Roman Light Blues Launch Night

Last night saw the launch night for the "Roman Light Blues" at the Saracen's Head in Towcester. I am very pleased to say that this was attended by 19 brethren and supported by the Membership Secretary Reuben Freeman, to whom the committee would like to offer a big thank you for his ongoing co-operation and support as they develop and grow.

The evening’s activities were focused on presenting the Roman Light Blue philosophy to potential new members and to gain feedback from the audience on events and activities that they might find interesting in the future.

Most of the attendees were either Lactodorum or Fidelity brethren, however we were joined by Terry Warren from Waynefleet and Peter Bambridge from Silverstone, who are both going to act as Ambassadors for the Roman Light Blue and NYMC in their respective Lodges.

We had 2 new members join on the night (W Bro Paul Buckland from Fidelity and Michael Scott from Towcestrian) with Terry Warren joining later in the week.

A Daventry Light Blues committee has been formed and are seen here

There was a great deal of discussion around potential future events and activities: with the key point raised over how they offer/structure any future activities and how they must be kept simple for those who wish to attend (to encourage more to join in) but also to ensure the burden of organisation doesn’t fall solely to the Committee.

This point will be reviewed alongside each future activity to ensure simplicity and fairness for all…

launch of the Roman Light Blues

Below are some of the activities discussed:
Horse racing – potential to arrange a coach trip for a summer event to include partners as a way of including families
Race night – similar to a horse racing event, but held one evening where partners are again invited
Dog racing – again, similar to a horse racing event
Loire Valley wine tasting event – a more longer-term potential trip as one member of Lactodorum lives in the region and has organised such events before
Quiz night – as a means of getting to know other members of the Roman Light Blue, a suggestion was made to run a quiz night, just for members. The aim would be to run this event in February with each Ambassador completing a round of questions for use on the night. To mix up attendees, a suggestion of random seating through a lottery style system was suggested and roundly welcomed.

If you have any questions about future South West events then please reach out to the contacts through the link below: